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Do you want a REALLY cool, easy to use and fully functional Pedigree program?  One that helps manage all aspects of your cattery operations?

El Gato has the capability to handle nearly unlimited amounts of cat information.  In fact, it's based on FileMaker 9 Pro Advanced, which is used by some of the largest corporations around.

Once you enter your cats, El Gato will give you a 5 generation pedigree or a 3 generation pedigree with a photo of the cat AND your cattery logo and information...either with a single click. (Click your browser's 'Back" button to return to this page).  You can convert all reports to PDFs that you can share with your buyers.

El Gato handles ALL TICA breeds, ALL Colors, Longhair and Shorthair, and multiple catteries...all in a single interface.  AND, the reports for each cattery is unique and individual.

El Gato handles all your sales information, it will track up to four payments for a cat...Giving you the balance owed, and prints a nice legal Contract...one that you can modify to your own liking, if you want.

El Gato keeps up with your medical records and immunizations.

If you wish, you can get El Gato preinstalled on a Thumb Drive that you can carry with you, and use with any computer where you may happen to be.  You can have El Gato on your home computer, but take the Thumb Drive and your laptop to shows.

And, there are many additional features we will address later.

The CAT TABLE (Click to view a PDF of the Cat Table entry form)

This is where you enter the essential information about your cats and their ancestors.  When you are entering information solely to do a pedigree, you only need fill out the section called "Basic Information".  You would do this for the ancestral cats.

You would fill out the next section (Identification/Description/Color and Markings) for cats that you will eventually need to do a Litter Registration form for.  Additionally, some of this information is carried over to the Contract.  If you have a cat that is a member of your cattery, and not for sale, you would click "Current Cattery Cat.  If it's a kitten you have for sale, you would click "Available for Sale".  When you complete a transaction and send out the Blue Slip for registration, you click "Blue Slip sent".  When you sell the kitten, you uncheck "Available for Sale".

El Gato is capable of finding any record in its tables instantly.  You can do a search (or "Find") based on any field.  If you know the nickname, you can click the search tool (the binoculars), then type in the cat's nickname in the Nickname field, and the record appears.  If you know who the Queen of the kitten was, you can enter that in the Queen field, and if you know that the kitten was born in 2007, you can enter that in the birthday field, and you will get the records of all kittens born to that queen in 2007.  Or, if you are a glutton for punishment, you can switch over to "Table View" and thumb through 8,000 records one at a time.

The next section of the form is Sales Information.  You fill this out when you have evaluated the kittens and have decided on pricing.  If you sell a kitten, you open the Contact table, enter the buyer information, then put the Customer Number of the buyer in the Customer Number field.  You then enter the payment(s) received, enter any additional required terms of sale, then click on the Contract icon.

An Interesting list or two...Perhaps you want a listing of all kittens born in 2008...

You would go to the Cat Table, click on the Binoculars, then, in the Status field, you would select "Kitten" (In El Gato, "Kitten" means a kitten born in your cattery to one of your queens), and in the Birthday field, enter 2008, then click "Show All Records".  You can choose to sort by Birthday, by the Queen's name, by the ID Number or by the Color.  This is the Report you would get...Just click on "Go to Layout" and then select "All Purpose Kitten List". 

Another very valid function of El Gato is keeping medical records, and being able to give a vaccination report to a buyer.

There are other reports and yet more are being designed for future versions.

Make running your cattery easy!

El Gato on a diskette only $99.00:

Safe and Secure

El Gato on an easy USB Thumb Drive only $129.00:

Safe and Secure
For questions please email: info@exoticcatnetwork.com